One of the most efficient technical diving filling station located in Belgium at the old the old stone quarry of CIPP Lillé.

Filling station

MixGas is installed at the old stone quarry of CIPP Lillé in Sprimont; MixGas filling station offers different types of dive gases (air, nitrox, triox, trimix, ...) up to 300 bar. MixGas is equipped with 3 compressors (200 & 300 bar) with storage buffers, transfer winches and booster. Our technicians are all certified EANx & Trimix Gas Blender certified by the major agencies within the dive community (IANTD, TDI, PADI TEC REC)..

Station de gonflage

Station de gonflage installée sur le site de la carrière du CIPP Lillé à Sprimont, MixGas est une station de gonflage qui propose tous types de mélanges (air, nitrox, triox, trimix,...) jusqu'à 300 bars. Notre station est équipée de 3 compresseurs avac tampons de stockage, lyres de transferts et booster. Nos techniciens sont tous certifiés EANx & Trimix Gas Blender par les principales agences reconnues (IANTD, TDI, PADI TEC REC).


MixGas bevindt zich aan de oude steen groeve van CIPP Lillé te Sprimont; MixGas vulstation biedt verschillende soorten duikgassen aan (lucht, nitrox, triox, trimix, ...) tot 300 bar aan. MixGas is uitgerust met 3 compressoren (200 & 300 bar) met opslagbuffers, transfer lieren en booster. Onze technici zijn allemaal EANx & Trimix Gas Blender gecertificeerd die erkend zijn door de belangrijkste agentschappen binnen de duik gemeenschap (IANTD, TDI, PADI TEC REC)..

MixGas introduction


10, Rue de Presseux 4140 Lillé - Sprimont Belgium.

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Technical training in manufacturing breeding gasses

For those that would like to know more about how to manufacture different breeding gasses like EANx, Heliox and other type of breeding gasses, can contact Abbyss Plongée (http://www.abyssplongee.be/tek-melange.php) to become a certified EANx or Trimix gass blender.

The theoretical part of the course takes place at the training facilities of Abyss Plongée, the pratical part will takes place at MixGass. Please note that the used gasses (Oxygen & Helium) during the courses aren't included in the course price.

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About Us

One of the most efficient technical diver filling stations in Belgium, where you as recretional or technical diver can request any type of blend (Nitrox, Heliox, Triox, Trimix). Air, Nitrox and Trimix up to 320 bar, Oxygen up to 200 bar